Alternative look clothing/vehicles/props for your photoshoot


✔ If you own alternative look clothing (such as those listed below) and are happy to wear them on set, please bring them along to your photo shoot.

✔ It is important that these outfits are authentic, complete and appropriate for you to wear on camera.

✔ Please note: this is in addition to the other regular outfits we have asked you to bring.

✔ If you own a specialist vehicle (eg. Taxi, classic car/motorcycle) you can supply and use on set, please bring it and we will take photos for our records.

✔ Scroll down below for some photo examples......

  • punk

  • goth

  • emo

  • hipster

  • rocker

  • biker

  • skinhead

  • homeless/tramp/wino/junkie

  • clown

  • vintage/period clothing

  • character costume

Some example photos.....