Artiste Management System

(Production only - not available to Artistes)

Our artistes database is accessible to registered production clients only via our artiste management system (AMS).

Please e-mail or call and we will be happy to deal with your requirements. Our telephone number for production is +44 20 8327 4244


Getting Started

You can register directly on the website by entering an email and password. Once you have created your login details, let us know in the office and we will authorise access. you will then be able to manage everything Supporting Artiste related for your productions, including Artiste searches (with a range of professional photos, CVs and show/voice reels), detailed daily booking information in multiple formats, quick paperless sign off at wrap time and a variety of financial tools and comprehensive reports.

The Production Team

The Ray Knight Artiste Management System is not only for Assistant directors, but also for accounts managers, wardrobe and make up departments, runners, security and any other members of the Production Team who wish to use it.  Once authorised by Ray Knight Casting, anyone in the team may access as much detail on all production days as is needed for their role, keeping them up to date and informed and helping the workflow to stay smooth for everyone. the need to pass pieces of paper around or send copious emails with attachments is eliminated.



Booking Sheets, Roll Calls and direct contact

Once we've found you the Supporting Artistes you need and they have been placed for the days they are working, you will automatically have access to interactive daily “booking sheets” with their details, including contact information, character, measurements, an at a glance thumbnail photo, options to view their full images and even their CV and show reels. You can also generate simple roll calls and export or print off any of your sheets as PDFs or Excel spreadsheets. one stand out feature is the facility to email and text the artistes directly from the system (at no cost to production). for example, wardrobe/make up can quickly send out briefs to any or all artistes with minimum effort. a great time saver!

Timesheets and Chits

Our system eliminates the need to fill in salary vouchers for Artistes when you wrap. It's a simple intuitive paperless process (often referred to as “chitless”). As you can use it on mobile devices as well as PC or laptop, you don’t need to be camped in front of your computer when signing off the Artistes or using any of the system’s features. Templates are pre-loaded for the agreements currently in use and you can also enter bespoke rates or one-off payments if you need to. handy cloning and duplication tools will allow you to enter payments for any number of artistes very quickly. great for big calls! A few quick clicks or taps and the system does the rest for you.


Features in Detail

More than just a “paperless payments” platform and an environmentally friendly way of eliminating paperwork, the Artiste Management System is a dynamic tool to help you with all aspects of managing Supporting Artistes on your production, no matter how big or small.

  • Designed to function cross platform – desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile ‘phone.

  • 100% paperless if you need it to be.

  • A user-friendly dashboard to view information, updates and alerts with all your functions conveniently in one place.

  • An overview of all bookings on your current production and a history of those you have worked on with us before.

  • Select and enter Artiste fees with a single click or tap (and duplicate them for any number of Artistes) making signing off at wrap time quick and hassle free.

  • Full detailed Artiste search facility.

  • create your own or receive interactive "carts" of suggestions.

  • Enables instant and fluid communication between Assistant Directors (or other staff booking SA’s) and the Agency for all aspects of booking, from searches, suggestions and daily interactive booking sheets to approval to Accounts for invoicing.

  • No need for cumbersome emails and attachments or piles of paper chits.

  • notifications to keep you informed.

  • detailed logs for messages and approvals so everybody knows exactly what's happening  - keeping communication robust.

  • running expenditure totals - see what's outstanding and what you've spent so far (including a date range search report function).

  • estimation tool - quickly calculate how much a day or days will cost (combine your estimates to forecast for your entire production!).

  • Any production team member from any department can be given access on request with features tailored to their role. For example:

    • wardrobe and make up departments can text their requirements to Artistes individually or collectively with just a few clicks.

    • production accountants can communicate and work with each other, assistant directors and the Agency on all aspects of invoicing and billing, including dealing with queries – 100% paper free!

    • temporary access can be given to any crew member assisting with the SA’s (other ad's, runners, security personnel etc.).

    • producers can have an overview and track Supporting Artiste usage and costs.

    • sensitive information carefully measured according to role, preserving confidentiality and gdpr compliance.