Uniform(s)/specialist clothing for your photo shoot


✔ If you own a uniform or items of specialist clothing (such as those listed below) and are happy to wear them on set, please bring them along to your photo shoot.

✔ It is important that these outfits are authentic, complete and appropriate for you to wear on camera.

✔ Please note: this is in addition to the other regular outfits we have asked you to bring.

✔ Scroll down below for some photo examples......

✔ For Police uniforms, please bring your Police UK Film & TV Registration Scheme I.D card. If you do not have one yet, click here to visit the Registration Scheme website for more information and to make an application. We highly recommend that you register if you own and are using Police uniform for Supporting Artiste work.

  • police (Met./generic + belt kit/stab vest/jacket/flat cap/helmet/high vis etc.)

  • police so19 (overalls/vest/belt kit/tac boots/goggles+helmet/gloves etc.)

  • paramedic (+ bag if you have one)

  • Military (Army/Navy/RAF etc.)

  • postman (+ bag if you have one)

  • Priest / Vicar / Rabbi / Nun

  • Santa Claus

  • Doctor

  • Nurse

  • Tea/Dinner Lady

  • Martial Artist

  • builder

Some example photos.....