Bobbed hair required, ALL NATURAL, NO HIGHLIGHTS

We have an ongoing requirement for ladies of all ages and racial heritage for a long running high profile BBC series. It is a period production and it is essential that the hair is correct. Please see the photos here for examples of what we are looking for. Just to be clear, the specific requirement is for BOBBED hair - either SHORT BOB, LONG BOB or SHORT NATURAL AFRO only. Anything longer than this is unsuitable. It is also crucial that you have NO OBVIOUS HAIR DYE - no highlights! If your hair is dyed all one colour, it must appear natural (nothing metallic or bleached, no roots showing etc.). In addition to this, costume sizes are quite limited. You will need to be between 5ft 3in and 5ft 8in in height with a dress size between 6 and 12. Filming takes place both in studios and on location, all in the SURREY AREA. This suits people who have a car but we will consider ladies who have the right look and can still get there by public transport without problems. We usually prefer applicants with some relevant experience, but if you have a good availability for the next few months, have the right hair and measurements and can get to Surrey we will give you all due consideration. Please note, if we take you on board you will then also be eligible for all other work on offer from the Agency. Please CLICK HERE to visit our application page. Take care that when uploading photographs we can clearly see your hair exactly as it is now. We look forward to hearing from you.

Bobbed Hair Collage 003.jpg