Welcome to Ray Knight Casting


We are an Agency specialising in the supply of supporting and walk-on Artistes for Feature Film, Television, Commercial, Corporate and photographic  productions.

We aim to be the "Gold Standard" for service both to our clients and our Artistes and our workforce is second to none.

We can also offer clients our ground breaking Artiste Management System (AMS). It is free to use and no charge is passed on to the Artistes. It handles paperless payments ("chitless") but also has a wide range of powerful tools and features to enhance the casting process, save time and money and improve workflow for all production team members working with Supporting Artistes.



Our services

✔Supporting Artistes for film, television, commercials, corporate video and photographic.

✔ All Artistes hand picked, interviewed and vetted in person, one to one (experience and a drama background preferred).                             

✔ Artiste Management System (The "AMS"). Free to use for our clients and no charge to Artistes (paperless payments and sign-off and a range of tools and features to assist and improve workflow for all crew dealing with Supporting Artistes (and environmentally friendly!).

(please see the link to Artiste Management System at the top of the page)

✔ Can supply overprinted salary vouchers (chits) on request.

✔ All Artistes photographed professionally by in-house photographer.

✔ Fully searchable online catalogue of Artistes (available to clients via the AMS).

✔ Can supply a colour catalogue of Artiste pictures if required.

✔ Detailed digital and/or paper documentation for all bookings.

✔ Able to source Artistes in any part of the UK with notice.

✔ Highly responsive service 24/7 with robust attentive communication.

✔ Experienced staff.

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COMMENTS about our paperless artiste management system (AMS) FROM SOME OF OUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS

"I like the way that you can put an entire crowd call and sign off together with comparatively few clicks."

-Andrew Foster - 2nd assistant director

"It's very helpful and efficient."

- Daisy caton-jones - 2nd assistant director

"I absolutely love the AMS system. It speeds up the process considerably and it uses a lot less paper,

which I’m such a fan of. I’m really liking the reports I receive."

- Fred Van Strydonck - sister pictures

"AMS is great!  Very easy to use. A real treat after paper chits!!"


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